About Lilanthi

Lilanthi started her career 12 years ago after a very bad hair experience. Lilanthi had to cut her long hair short since the hair treatment she received resulted in breakage. This had such a profound effect on her that she decided to change careers. Lilanthi became a stylist and promised this would not happen again to her or anyone else. As she furthered her career, she began to understand that being a stylist was more than just styling hair; it was an experience.
So Lilanthi made a promise, to herself and to you, to provide you with a relaxing, fun, loving, and educational experience. She will do her best to understand your needs and wants. She will continually educate herself with the latest techniques, styles, and products. She passes this knowledge onto each experience and implements it, focusing solely on you as the only client in the moment.
Proven products, ammonia-free, vegan-friendly hair color from Italy. She continues her education throughout the year to stay relevant in the industry with new techniques, emerging styles, and improved products. She loves what she does and wants you to love it too! 
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